Powerful Content Transformation Platform

Experience real-time transformation capabilities that go beyond conventional content management. With Dakwak, you're not just adapting; you're dynamically transforming, localizing, and controlling every element of your content for tailor-made user experiences across diverse markets.

  • Unlock Dynamic Content Transformation: Leverage AI to selectively adapt and refresh parts of your website in real-time, offering unprecedented control over your content strategy.
  • Real-Time Proofreading: Ensure that your content is not only engaging but also flawless with our real-time proofreading feature. Experience pinpoint accuracy in grammar and context, maximizing your content's effectiveness and credibility.
  • Effortless Localization: Seamlessly translate your website using cutting-edge machine translation powered by the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing.
  • Benefit from our Realtime Edit-in-Place Widget, empowering swift content alterations directly within your website's environment, refining the content interaction process.

Multi-Layered Content Transformation

Move beyond basic content transformation to explore a multi-layered approach. Utilize different levels of content adaptation for improved accuracy and contextual relevance.

  • Basic Machine Transformation: Experience a fast and efficient initial pass at content adaptation, which serves as the foundation for further refinements.
  • Iterative Machine Refinement: Leverage machine learning algorithms that learn from prior transformations to continuously refine and improve content accuracy and relevance.
  • Human Expert Intervention: For specialized or high-stakes content, easily bring in human expertise to make fine-tuned adjustments and verifications.
  • Real-time Content Tuning: Utilize our proprietary algorithms powered by cutting-edge AI to dynamically adjust content based on historical data and contextual understanding, ensuring an ever-improving, high-accuracy output.

Comprehensive HTML and JSON Control

Unleash unparalleled control over every nuance of your website's HTML and JSON content. From intricate structural changes to real-time content updates, our platform sets a new standard for what's possible in web development.

  • Full-Stack Content Manipulation: Harness the power of our platform to control every HTML element and content block. Tailor them on-the-fly for individual user experiences.
  • JSON Content Transformation: Go beyond HTML and CSS with the ability to transform JSON content dynamically. Leverage this capability for richer, more interactive web experiences.
  • Adaptive Styling: Effortlessly customize your CSS to match each transformed version of your website, maintaining design integrity and visual coherence.

Powerful Multi-Language Content Transformation

Enhance your content's findability and boost your website's search engine ranking with specialized SEO features.

  • SEO-Ready Transformations: Ensure all transformed versions of your website are fully indexable, widening your online reach.
  • Per-Language Custom HTML and Meta Tags: Specify unique HTML markup and meta tags for each language version of your webpage. By tailoring the HTML elements and meta tag information to each language, you can enhance search engine optimization (SEO) and make your content more relevant and accessible to users across different regions and languages.
  • Region-Specific Optimization: Target individual geographic areas with hyper-localized content, enhancing your regional SEO strategy.
  • Auto-Updated Sitemaps: Automatically keep your sitemap updated with all transformed versions of your website to improve discoverability.
  • Transformation Memory & Mass Adaptation: Maintain terminology consistency across content transformations.

Financial Efficiency and Value Creation

Maximize Value and Optimize Costs Across Key Business Dimensions

  • Automated Content Localization: Reduce the financial burden of manual content localization, saving both time and money.
  • Integrated Proofreading: Eliminate the need for external proofreading services by leveraging real-time content accuracy.
  • Enhanced Security: Built-in encryption and security features negate the need for third-party solutions, cutting down associated costs.
  • Speed Optimization: Enhance load times and user experience, potentially saving up to 10% in business revenue that might otherwise be lost due to slow performance.
  • SEO Efficiencies: Use advanced multi-language SEO features to drive organic traffic, reducing dependency on paid marketing and increasing revenue opportunities.

Security & Availability

Prioritize the safety and accessibility of your website content with our robust security features and highly available delivery network.

  • SSL Encryption: Benefit from industry-standard security protocols to protect your transformed website content.
  • Highly Reliable Delivery: Our Transformation Delivery Network (TDN) is designed to be fault-tolerant, ensuring continuous availability for your transformed websites.
  • Optimized Resource Usage: By offloading static content to our TDN, you can save bandwidth and resources, enabling your team to focus on mission-critical tasks.
  • Comprehensive Security Measures: We employ both network and storage encryption to ensure the highest level of security. You can trust us to adhere to industry-best practices.

dakwak Analytics (dakana)

Complement your Google Analytics data with specialized insights into your content transformation process. Identify areas for improvement and fine-tune your content strategy.

  • Access real-time monitoring of the transformation process, including rules applied, modifications made, and query times.
  • Track phrase-level details such as queried , regenerated, proof-read or translated phrases, allowing for granular control and continuous improvement.
  • Measure the elapsed time for writing, querying, and scanning operations, for a comprehensive understanding of performance bottlenecks.
  • Analyze rewriter performance including anchor, CSS, generic, image, and JavaScript rewriters to optimize each component.