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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started with Transformation

Dakwak's platform, capable of transforming a diverse range of content types, including JSON, XML, and HTML. Additionally, our platform offers the flexibility to accommodate any other content type based on proven use-cases.
Dakwak offers a versatile array of transformation options, allowing for intricate control over the conversion process. Take, for instance, an HTML element with the attribute data-item='Transform me.' With Dakwak, you can leverage specific transformers tailored to your needs. If you choose the localizer and set French as the target language, that particular element can be precisely selected for transformation into French. Alternatively, utilizing the proofreader might result in the addition of an exclamation mark at the end of the element. Meanwhile, employing the paraphraser could transform 'Transform me' into 'Transform me now.' This granular control empowers you to apply nuanced adjustments and tailor content transformations according to your preferences.
Integrating with dakwak is a seamless experience that allows you to take your website content to new heights, beyond just translations. Once you've signed up:
  1. Simply point your domain or sub-domains to our designated cloud addresses.
  2. With the pointer set, dakwak's cloud-based platform takes over, meticulously transforming and adapting your content to resonate with diverse audiences.
  3. If you ever need guidance or have questions during the process, our AI-assisted chat support is always on standby to help you out.
Our content transformation platform is powered by a variety of state-of-the-art technologies. We employ machine learning algorithms for quick and efficient content modification, including large language models and transformers. Our system also leverages the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to maintain contextual accuracy and meaning in the transformed content. Additionally, we integrate user feedback mechanisms and offer manual content adjustment tools. This creates a balanced synergy between cutting-edge automated technology and human expertise.
Yes, dakwak is a proud supporter and user of the open source projects. We believe in the collaborative spirit of open source and its potential to drive innovation. As a token of our appreciation and commitment, we offer free website transformation services to open source projects. We are always keen to give back and help these initiatives reach a broader audience.
We utilize various open source projects within our infrastructure, valuing the innovation and collaboration they bring to the tech community. While we may not contribute daily, we do make occasional contributions to their development. As a gesture of gratitude and support, we offer complimentary website transformation services to open source projects. This empowers them to cater to a wider global audience, in line with our goal of making the web more universally accessible.

Content Management & Editing

Content transformation begins with our default Machine Transformation system which is instantaneous.
dakwak utilizes a combination of advanced machine learning algorithms and human expertise to ensure the accuracy of content post-transformation. While the platform initially provides machine-driven transformations, it's designed for users to manually review and edit the content directly within the system or directly on your website. This fusion of technology and user interaction guarantees content that is both accurate and relevant to its intended audience.
dakwak continuously monitors your source (original) content for any changes. Upon detecting a change, the system automatically re-transforms the content to maintain up-to-date transformations. Additionally, periodic schedules can be set for content regeneration, providing flexibility based on users' preferences.
With dakwak, you can manage your content transformations in three main ways:
  • Through the dakwak content dashboard: Log into dakwak and navigate to your personal dashboard. Here, you'll find your website's content organized into manageable sections.
  • Through the dakwak admin dashboard: Log into dakwak and navigate to your admin dashboard. Here, you'll find your website's content transformers and rules to use and apply
  • Through the dakwak widget: This is seamlessly integrated into your website and allows you to live edit your content directly on your site.
The choice is completely yours. You can set up a pre-defined transformations tasks (publishing workflow) which determines when and how your content gets published. Of course, as an administrator you will always be able to override any changes as you see fit.
With dakwak, you have the capability to modify the sources of multimedia assets such as images and videos on the transformed versions of your website based on rules you establish. For instance, you can set a rule to replace 'image.png' with 'image_newversion.png' for the transformed content. However, it's important to note that this current method may soon evolve. We're in the process of integrating a sophisticated AI image classification and processing model that could offer even more advanced customization options.
You have various options to give you total control over what you want to do. If you’d like to change a certain word or more to the entire website, this is doable by mass replacement. Otherwise you might just want to edit the translation only.
At dakwak, we understand the nuances of content transformation. Therefore, we allow publishing transformations at two distinct levels:
  • Publish per website: This approach changes a particular phrase across the entire website based on the transformation you've executed. It's the default method, ensuring that users don't have to repeat transformations for the same phrase multiple times.
  • Publish per page: With this method, any transformation you apply to a phrase will only affect identical phrases on the specific page you are working on. It won't influence the same phrase present elsewhere on the website.
Although this is very unlikely to happen, and if it happens it could be a caching issue. You can drop us an email at

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dakwak's machine translation engine is designed with precision and versatility in mind, offering several distinct advantages:
  • High-Quality Translations: Our engine ensures top-tier translation quality, often on par or surpassing other market-leading engines.
  • Searchability: With dakwak, your translated website remains fully searchable, enhancing user experience by letting them discover your content in their native language.
  • All-encompassing Website Localization: Our platform goes beyond mere translation, offering a holistic approach to website localization.
  • Transformations of Content: dakwak empowers users with tools to transform content based on specific criteria and rules, ensuring that the content fits the cultural and linguistic context of the target audience.
  • Sitemap Generation: Our system automatically generates a new sitemap.xml to ensure that search engines index your localized content effectively.
  • Proper hreflangs: We add the right hreflang tags to your website's HTML, directing search engines and users to the appropriate language version of your site.
Enhancing searchability is one of the core benefits of using dakwak. Here's how we optimize it:
  • Indexed Translated Content: All your transformed content becomes part of the digital ecosystem, ready to be indexed by search engines. This enables users to discover your website when searching in their native language.
  • SEO Optimization: By default, we transform crucial SEO-related HTML tags, like metadata, ensuring your content's SEO value is maintained in each language. This improves visibility in search results for the localized versions of your site.
  • Customizable SEO Tags: While our default setting covers a vast range of SEO tags, we provide flexibility. You can specify additional tags for transformation or choose to exclude certain ones, giving you complete control over your SEO strategy.
  • Direct Linking: As you begin linking to your localized sites, you further amplify their visibility, making it easier for users to find you in their preferred language.

Billing & Pricing

We offer discounts 12 months subscriptions. Please refer to the pricing page for detailed information about plans and pricing.
We'll fully refund the first month if you have not consumed more than 80% of your actions monthly allowance. Otherwise we will refund 50% of the monthly subscription.